St Neots Learning Partnership
The St Neots Learning Partnership is a federation of the two mainstream secondary schools in St Neots, England: Ernulf Academy and Longsands Academy.

The Partnership is also responsible for Little Acorns Nursery (located on the Ernulf
site) and Prospect House (a small, off-site facility offering alternative provision for students with medical or behavioural needs that prevent full-time attendance at school).
What is The St Neots Learning Partnership?
The Partnership is the Federation between the two mainstream secondary schools in St Neots: Longsands Academy and Ernulf Academy. Our purpose is to secure the best possible learning, experiences and outcomes for every student.

What is a Federation?
Under the 2002 Education Act, a Federation is the formal partnership of two or more maintained schools.

In our case, a single Governing Body acts in the interests of all students, parents/carers and staff. Governors contribute to and have ultimate responsibility for the policies and direction of the Partnership. We have a fully co-ordinated senior leadership structure and there are some staff who work in both academies.

Why 'Learning Partnership'
We prefer the term Learning Partnership because it conveys more effectively the active, ongoing collaboration that characterises our work. We also value greatly the network of relationships that we enjoy with other groups, notably the St Neots Schools Forum and the Huntingdonshire Secondary Education Partnership.

Core Purpose
The core purpose of the Learning Partnership is to secure the best possible experience, learning and outcomes for each young person for whom we have responsibility.

Core Values
We value:
  • care and respect for self and others;
  • honesty;
  • creativity;
  • clear and open communication;
  • high aspirations and the determination to fulfil them;
  • strong relationships and shared goals achieved through teamwork.

Desired Outcomes
Working in partnership with students, their families and the wider community, we believe that each young person should:
  • be safe;
  • be healthy;
  • give and receive respect as an individual;
  • enjoy and achieve in school and beyond;
  • develop the confidence, skills and attitudes necessary for economic well-being;
  • understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and the importance of making a positive contribution to society;
  • develop moral awareness, cultural understanding and appreciation of diversity.


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